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Working with Law Firms in Medical & Pharmaceutical Litigation

MEL: Where Legal Minds Go For Expert Medical Knowledge

Welcome to MEL, the legal profession’s trusted source for case-merit review and evaluation, pre-trial preparation, expert witness testimony, and post-trial settlement services.  Our specialties include medical, pharmaceutical, and device litigation.

Do You Have A Case?

When you need medical insight to find out how strong a potential suit may be—or if it’s even worth filing at all—you could let your paralegals plow through a mountain of paperwork … or, you could save substantial man-hours and money by calling MEL.

All of MEL’s Registered Nurses have Bachelor of Science degrees, years of legal experience, and are uniquely qualified to quickly access and evaluate the information you need to decide whether to take a case to trial, put it on hold, or pass.

Our nurses are backed by an on-call advisory board comprised of an elite selection of some of the most highly experienced and well-respected physicians and attorneys in the industry.

MEL’s Pre-Trial Services                 

• Plaintiff Intake Validation:  MEL’s nurses don’t just review information, they go back and ask the relevant parties concise, targeted questions, often turning up critical details those with less medical savvy might miss that can make or break a case.

• Record Retrieval:  Without medical training, tracking down precise medical data can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but MEL’s Expert Nurses know exactly what information you need, how to access it quickly, and how to document it efficiently and accurately.

• Medical Record Review: MEL’s experts can prepare your evidence in clear-cut terms easily understood by laymen as well as professionals, so you can be assured of putting your case in its best light. [read more]

Expert Witnesses

MEL’s Physician Experts have been published in respected medical periodicals, and are recognized among their peers as leaders in their chosen fields.

Whether it’s mass tort/product liability, medical malpractice, personal injury, nursing home misconduct, brain injury, or any medically related case, you can count on MEL’s diverse roster of medical experts [link to list] to provide compelling expert testimony specifically tailored to prove the facts of your case while using the truth, the whole truth — and nothing but the truth.

Post-Settlement Services

Whether single plaintiff or Mass Tort, MEL’s unique Post Settlement Services* offer you the means to quickly and accurately track, disburse, and record settlements, no matter how big or small. 

* Our “Post Settlement Services” will be launching in April of 2014. Check back soon for details.

The Story of MEL

A little over 20 years ago, while gathering documentation on behalf of a doctor preparing expert testimony for a legal case, registered nurse Wilma J. Couch had a light-bulb moment:  Why use paralegals unfamiliar with medical records and terminology to compile such vital information, when trained nurses could do it so much more efficiently and accurately?  [Read our story here]